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Pine Terrace Baptist Church is set in a beautiful neighborhood community surrounded by more than 50,000 people within a five mile radius. We stand at a crucial point in our history. Transforming our community for Christ by guiding people to become fully devoted followers of Christ is our challenge. Reaching beyond our community to our state, nation, and the world is a God-sized task. Seven years ago, we moved into the worship center that we enjoy every week at Pine Terrace. The cost of building the worship center/administrative building, as well as the new parking lot, was $5.5 million. Our people have been generous and faithful in giving, reducing the debt significantly. Therefore, the purpose of the Legacy Campaign is to eliminate our remaining debt of $2.5 million.

We are very aware that we have a large task before us. However, this does not diminish the deep resolve of the entire church body to embrace our future. Pine Terrace Baptist church must never be defined by its location or architecture, but as a body of believers who are deeply devoted to Christ and to one another. By eliminating our current debt, more than $20,000 will be available to further our ministries each month and provide new opportunities to transform our community for Christ.

Our Challenge:

  • to position Pine Terrace for future Kingdom work.
  • to engage our congregation in a spiritual journey for debt retirement to raise funds that will allow us to move forward in God’s work.
  • to make more funds available to transform our community for Christ.

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What is a debt retirement campaign?
A debt retirement campaign is a church project that seeks pledged donations from members of the congregation to be used to eliminate church debt; in our case, $2.5 million remaining from the construction of our worship center/administration building and parking lot.


Why do we have such a large debt?
In 2009, construction of our worship center/administration building and parking lot was completed. We reap the benefits of this new building on a daily basis as it houses our administrative offices, on a weekly basis as we gather together for worship, and on an annual basis as we host showings of Christian films, school concerts, and special programs all designed to transform our community for Christ.


How much money are we hoping to raise through our Legacy campaign?
To eliminate all debt, we are hoping to raise $2.5 million more than our annual budget.


What will we accomplish by eliminating our debt?
By eliminating our debt, we will have access to $20,000 more each month to use to further our mission of transforming our community for Christ.


Will I be pressured to pledge?
No. Participation in the campaign and how much you give will be entirely up to you. All attendees will be given the opportunity to contribute if they wish to.


How may I prepare to participate?
Allow God to speak to your heart through prayer. Read Scripture passages that speak about stewardship and giving, such as 1 Corinthians 16:2, Proverbs 11:25, Proverbs 3:5-9, 2 Corinthians 8:7, Acts 20:35, Luke 6:38, and Psalm 116:12.


How long will my commitment be?
You are asked to make a 3-year commitment.


If I can’t give a large amount, does my pledge really matter?
Absolutely! All pledges matter, regardless of amount, because as we all participate according to our ability, God multiplies our giving.


When are we expected to give the amount pledged?
Pledge cards will be turned in on Commitment Sunday (May 7th), and pledges will begin to be received shortly thereafter.


What forms of contributions will be accepted?
Contributions can be made by cash, check, or online by credit or debit cards. Other forms of contributions can include the transference of title to marketable stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.


May I update my commitment after Commitment Sunday?
Yes. You may update your commitment at any time.


Do you have to be a church member to participate in the campaign?
No. Participating in the campaign is a personal decision for each of us, and anyone may contribute to God’s work in our church.